Feb 10, 2020 6:58:57 AM

12 Milestones in the MyPass® Timeline

Milestones in the MyPass Global Timeline Graphic

This timeline graphic captures the key milestones in MyPass®’s journey as a business. It shows ten of the major milestones we’ve achieved between being founded in 2015 and continuing to grow in 2020. We’ve decided to expand on each of the milestones to go deeper into the steps MyPass® Global has taken since its inception. 


Founded by Matt Smith

MyPass® was founded by Matt Smith as a result of his frustrations with clunky compliance management and resourcing systems. With years of personal experience in the Resources industry across Australia and New Zealand, managing projects and maintenance crews, he’d seen too many gaps that translated to real safety risks to workers lives. He knew there had to be a better way to manage the safety of these workers. That is where the idea for MyPass® was born. Matt shared this journey in the lead up to founding MyPass in ‘The MyPass Story’ here.


MyPass® ‘Digital Work Passport’ launched

In 2016, the ‘Digital Work Passport’ was launched as part of a multi-stakeholder platform. It was initially a two-way industry portal that required manually matching workers with employer projects. The portal was created under the name Shutdowns Australia and was specific to workers and employers in the Resources industry. A social community was built around Shutdowns Australia allowing workers to connect with each other and access opportunities through social media. 

First Pilot Undertaken

A major milestone for any SAAS based company is its first pilot. The first MyPass® pilot was with major industry player Broadspectrum, who deployed MyPass® as an improvement initiative for their Woodside offshore contract.  The pilot incorporated a University of Western Australia (UWA) study and was backed by AusIndustry through the highly competitive Accelerating Commercialisation program.  The objective for this ‘proof of concept’ was to independently validate the ease of use and potential efficiencies of the MyPass® system, which UWA concluded could yield up to 75% back-office cost savings for an employer, largely through eliminating manually updated spreadsheets. 

University of Western Australia's Report on the MyPass Platform


Additional Pilots Undertaken

In 2017 MyPass® was again awarded project funding through AusIndustry’s Accelerating Commercialisation program. This project involved Santos WA Energy (formerly Quadrant Energy) and focused on supply-chain assurance, demonstrating that the right contract workers with the right skills were being deployed to site. This led to an ongoing engagement with Santos WA and the addition of 12 new businesses to the MyPass® ecosystem.  Subsequently, Methanex in New Zealand became pioneers for their region and championed the new ‘industry-first’ model by deploying MyPass® in partnership with their 110 contracting partners.

First integrated worker supply chain

A key outcome of the pilot deployments was MyPass® facilitating the first integrated worker supply chain for the Energy Resources sector. This was achieved by bringing together Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s), workers, Service Providers and Site Owners within a ‘single source of truth’ online platform. This was a key milestone for MyPass® and its’ goal to create a trust-based ecosystem connecting all industry stakeholders.  

MyPass Global connecting the Resource Industry supply-chain

Re-branded as MyPass® Global

MyPass® took its current look and feel at this point in the journey to reflect the global interest in the platform beyond its original market of Australia and New Zealand. This was a key moment for demonstrating the scalability of MyPass® globally. It would be continued in our representation at various international conferences such as GasTech, the Offshore Technology Conference, Darcy Innovation Summit and the Rice Alliance Energy and Clean Technology Forum



In 2018 we continued to build upon the positive validation received from Santos and Methanex. This included UGL and Downer, two leading maintenance service providers, choosing to join Broadspectrum and lead the change for the industry. This advocacy from service providers gave us the confidence that we had built a model that worked for all layers of the supply chain.  

ISO Information Security Certification

Being awarded our ISO 27001 Information Security Certification was a critical milestone for MyPass® as a business. Building trust with our customers and users is essential, and so the security of the information shared with us is paramount to maintaining that trust. We see the ISO certification as our ‘license to operate’ as we enable management and transmission of personally identifiable worker and compliance-based data. At the time of our certification only approximately 175 other Australian companies had achieved the same recognition. 


MyPass® Global Version 3.0 released

In June 2019, after 12 months of dedicated effort, we released the current version of MyPass®. This major product milestone was a result of our Development team re-building the platform from the ground up, with new architecture designed for scaling our technology across multiple geographies and sectors, within a single cloud-based system. We also simplified the worker passport and improved the user experience for business partners. This included deploying a wider range of functionality such as recruitment & on-boarding, communications and enhanced compliance management reporting. 

Expand operations to North America

This was also the year we made moves into the North American market with CEO Matt Smith spending a three-month period based in both Houston and San Francisco. Supported by NERA we were invited to attend the Offshore Technology Conference (read more about the experience here) in Houston as part of the Energy Tech Tour. We then set up base in San Francisco for a month through the Austrade Landing Pad with the entire family being welcome in (see video here) before moving back to Houston to continue the remainder of the Landing Pad program. This period was highly valuable as it allowed the foundations for MyPass® in North America to be set and helped shaped a bigger plan to build our presence moving forward. 

1st Place in Australian Technologies Competition

Winning the Energy Resources Category in the Australian Technologies Competition was a massive highlight to end the year on. After nearly twelve months of being involved in the selection process with over 200 other applicants, we were awarded first place for our global ‘scale-up’ potential. For more detail on what we achieved in 2019, check out our yearly review here.

MyPass Global 1st Prize in the Australian Technologies Competition

Australian Technologies Competition 2019 at the MGC in Melbourne. Picture: Eugene Hyland


New Industries

As we enter our 5th year of operation, MyPass® is maturing beyond the Resources industry which we started in. In 2020, we’ll be opening the door into the Utilities, Aged Care and Volunteering sectors. This will be a great demonstration of the platform’s ability to scale into different industries. We outlined our plans for the year in more detail in ‘Our Vision – MyPass Global in 2020’.