Jan 13, 2020 6:37:32 AM

Our Vision – MyPass® Global in 2020

At the end of 2019, the MyPass® Global team came together to get aligned on why we exist. We wanted a clear vision moving into 2020 that everyone believed in and that states our purpose.

Creating the Vision

From the beginning, MyPass® was created to change the way industries operate. We want to simplify workforce and compliance management, bringing together people and organisations in a more efficient and integrated way. By creating a ‘single source of truth’ for each worker, organisations no longer have to track large amounts of safety-critical data in Excel spreadsheets or carry out significant manual data entry every time a worker is mobilised. 

Within this ecosystem; workers, service providers, end-users, asset owners and training organisations can all collaborate. A new model for the industry to modernise workforce and compliance management in preparation for the coming decade, and to not rely upon standalone software portals or data silos. That’s our purpose heading into 2020.

EY recently ranked Future of Workforce as second and Digital as third in their ‘Top 10 business risks and opportunities – 2020’ report. Their predictions align with our vision, stating that “Technological innovation has the potential to improve productivity, safety and environmental management in the mining industry.” The report also promotes the importance of digital allowing “connected data everywhere” and having the “Right information – right place and time.

The value of a user-owned and controlled data model, as well as diligence when it comes to Information Security, were also highlighted in the BDO Energy 2020 Vision: Oil & Gas’ predictions. They listed the growth of data democratisation and increased cybersecurity threats in their top five predictions for the sector in 2020.  We see trust as a currency, and our Information Security Management System (ISO27001 certified) is our ‘licence to operate’.

How we’re going to do it

We’re targeting four key themes this year:

  1. Harnessing momentum to continue to grow our local customer community and build traction in North America. We made some great progress in 2019 throughout the energy sector, as mentioned in our yearly review article, and we plan to continue that trajectory. Becoming the standard for workforce & compliance management within the global energy sector is the long term vision we have, and we believe that strengthening our presence in these regions is a big step towards that. In 2019 we more than doubled our number of clients and users, setting a high bar for growth in 2020.
  2. Building new ecosystems within our target sectors including mining, utilities, aged care and volunteering. Our impact is strengthened by utilising industry partnerships with like-minded organisations such as training entities ERGT and IFAP, plus industry associations such as the PCAA.
  3. Continued platform investment and development after the launch of MyPass® 3.0. We will continue to seek feedback to optimise and develop new features that meet ever-changing client needs. Speed and agility in development will be critical.
  4. Championing collaboration throughout the industry. Collaboration is going to be one of the biggest drivers in changing industries and we want to champion that every step of the way. 

We understand that we can’t redefine the way the industry operates on our own, so fostering relationships between different stakeholders is a major priority for 2020. 

We want to be more efficient with how we engage with and support our business partners as well as continue building a strong, high performing team within MyPass® Global. If you, your business or someone you know resonates with our vision, we’d love to hear about it and explore how we could create an impact together. We’ll be sure to provide regular updates on our progression throughout the year and hope to also celebrate your wins as a part of that.


All the best,