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Why use MyPass® for Organisation Pre-

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Organisation Passport

Manage your Organisation Passport within MyPass®, and securely share any relevant information with vendors.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

End-to-end transparency

Clear line of sight right through to your partner organisation's workforce for end-to-end transparency, and no surprises.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Verified information

Organisations upload their compliance documentation for MyPass® to verify, so you can view their compliance status in real-time.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Organisation risk assessment

Connected organisations are ranked by percentage match to your skills matrices and compliance requirements.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Flexible workflows

Manage every stage of the selection and onboarding process with flexible tracking templates. No more 30 column spreadsheets.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Intelligent reporting

View real-time dashboards to track pre-qualification and onboarding status. Reports can be exported and data can be integrated with your existing systems.

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Supply chain assurance

MyPass® streamlines the interaction between organisations by creating a real-time centralised store of relevant information. Companies maintain their Organisation Passport and key documents such as insurances, management plans and certifications, which are verified by MyPass®. Organisation Passports can be shared with other organisations through a secure permissions structure.

You and your team can:

"We are using MyPass® to manage our specialist and multi-skilled trades...getting the confidence that the employees' training, qualifications and compliance documents are up to date – easily, effectively and quickly."

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  • Ensure compliance requirements are met
  • Reduce administration effort by up to 45%
  • Source and select from a range of vendors
  • View organisation workforce capability
MyPass's mobile Organisation Dashboard view. It shows an organisation profile to help connect supply chains

What people are saying

Fantastic system to use, user friendly and a great tool to use for onboarding. Well done, MyPass®! Totally recommend - the service is great!

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Frequently asked questions

What is an Organisation Passport?

A single-source-of-truth record for an organisation that contains verified insurances, licences and management plans.

What is a risk score?

This is the risk rating of an organisation based on anti-corruption, human rights and environmental factors.

How do I connect with organisations?

Search for organisations already in MyPass® and make a connection request. If they are new to MyPass®, then you can send them an email invitation to join.

What about workforce capability?

Connected organisations can display their total workforce size and match to your skills requirements, all within the one portal.

What if things expire?

Organisations get 90/60/30 day reminders of any licences, insurances or documentation that is coming up for expiry.

Is there a cost for my vendors?

No. Setting up an organisation profile in MyPass® is FREE for any organisation. Additional features are available on a subscription basis.

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