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Join hundreds of companies who are moving from 'trusting' to 'knowing in real-time' that all their personnel are trained and competent


Why use MyPass® for Competency

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Custom competency matrices

Easily set up and share custom skills and competency matrices that contain both Industry Libraries and your own organisation-specific training & inductions.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Automated verification

Personnel documentation is verified using direct feeds from the issuing source where possible, and by our team of verification experts. Reduce your risk of fraud.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Remove manual keying

Individuals are accountable for maintaining their own information, which can also be populated automatically by the credential issuer, or if preferred, by your admin team.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Easy integration

MyPass® has intuitive APIs that allow you to integrate into your existing technology landscape, feeding verified data into any downstream system.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Single source of truth

Each individual in MyPass® is uniquely identified. Their Skills Passport is their 'single source of truth' across any industry or geography.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Simple & intuitive interface

MyPass® has been built with the user in mind. Simple and clear dashboards, intuitive search, and the information you need is always only 2 to 3 clicks away.

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Competency Management

MyPass® gives organisations assurance that the right people with the right skills are performing their allocated tasks. Create custom competency matrices, assign roles to personnel, monitor real-time dashboards, and check percentage compliance in real-time.

"We are using MyPass® to manage our specialist and multi-skilled trades...getting the confidence that the employees' training, qualifications and compliance documents are up to date – easily, effectively and quickly."

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  • Track all personnel & vendors via intuitive dashboards
  • Integrate with other systems
  • Eliminate spreadsheets and manual tracking
  • Intuitive real-time dashboards
List of worker compliance documentation and certificates

What people are saying

If we were to have a spot audit of worker compliance on-site today, I think we would fail. That is what ultimately convinced management to deploy the MyPass® system.

Rob, General Manager
Integrated International Services Company

Frequently asked questions

What is a Skills Passport?

A 'single source of truth' record for an individual that contains contact details, CVs, and skills plus verified training & competency information.

Can MyPass® integrate with other systems?

Yes. MyPass® has flexible APIs and webhooks to integrate with virtually any downstream system, learning record or industry portal.

How does sharing work?

Individuals are in control of who gets to see their verified credentials. Organisations invite their personnel, or alternatively, individuals can share their information via QR or a unique URL.

Is data in MyPass® secure?

Yes. MyPass® takes privacy and information security very seriously. Our Information Security Management System is ISO27001 certified, and data is securely stored on AWS.

What does verification involve?

MyPass® has a dedicated Verification Team who use proprietary technology to verify every document that is uploaded to MyPass®, back to the source where possible.

Is there a cost?

MyPass® is FREE for individuals, and organisations can subscribe based on a flexible subscription model.

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