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Why use MyPass® for eLearning

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Create tailored courses

Develop interactive courses and combine modules to suit your needs, from quizzes, videos, file uploads, face-to-face assessments and more.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Simple and intuitive

Upload any SCORM file with the support of our Implementation Team. Simple user interface for learners, fully contained within their Skills Passport.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Assign courses to personnel

Auto-assign courses to the right people at the right time to optimise your organisation’s training and onboarding practices.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Review compliance

Track compliance in real time from within MyPass®. Don't settle for just a Learning Management System - see the full compliance picture.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Advanced reporting

Visualise real-time data insights to track training completions and overall compliance via your MyPass® industry portal, including your contractors.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Automate onboarding

Auto-assign courses and give learners access to only the areas and courses relevant to them. Fast-track learning completion and reduce the time to onboard.

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Learning Management System

Create a seamless learning experience for your personnel or contractors. Allow learners to launch eLearning modules directly from the platform, complete their training, and have attainments automatically synchronise with their Skills Passport. See the full training and competency data-set in one place. Remove another data silo to access the full compliance picture in one integrated system.

"We are using MyPass® to manage our specialist and multi-skilled trades...getting the confidence that the employees' training, qualifications and compliance documents are up to date – easily, effectively and quickly."

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  • Upload your own eLearning modules
  • Integrate eLearning with full competency tracking
  • Eliminate spreadsheets and manual tracking
  • Track course completions via intuitive dashboards
MyPass's mobile Learning Management System view. It shows a worker profile.

What people are saying

MyPass® is the best product for managing Compliance and Contractor workforce inductions and qualifications. Being in the cloud, it is easy to deploy and simple to access from any device. It certainly streamlines onboarding processes.

Adele, Contractor Manager,




Frequently asked questions

Can I add my own courses?

Yes. Our eLearning module will accept any SCORM files or you can build your own by uploading MP4 files and/or custom question sets.

Can I record in-person assessments?

Yes. You can use the in-person assessment feature to help you arrange, record and report on face-to-face assessments. This includes Verification of Competency.

Can I integrate with other systems?

Yes. The LMS is fully integrated into MyPass, meaning you can use MyPass's flexible APIs and webhooks to integrate with virtually any downstream system including flight, logistics, site access, permit and safety management systems.

Can I track learner progress?

Yes. Training managers can track learner progress via interactive MyPass dashboards. See the full compliance profile, including qualifications, licences, and more.

How do I assign courses?

You or your vendors can assign courses individually or in bulk. Include eLearning modules as part of your overall customised competency matrices.

Is there a cost for my vendors?

No. Assuming your Vendors already have their own MyPass portal, you only pay for active learners (i.e. when a learner has logged in that month).

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