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MyPass's workforce management dashboard is showing a list of welders and their compliance percentages

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Why use MyPass® for Contractor

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

End-to-end transparency

MyPass® creates a clear line of sight right through to your contracting partners' workforce for end-to-end transparency and no surprises.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Approve contractors

Have the option of approving personnel who have been proposed by your vendors. Configure your workflow in MyPass®, or integrate into your existing approval process.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Fast-track inductions

Seamlessly assign online induction and training modules to contractors. Personnel completes their training from anywhere, and on any device.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Real-time activity tracking

View the onboarding status of all your contractors, in real time. Dashboards show outstanding actions to be taken, ensuring that there are no surprises during mobilisation.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Issue scopes of work

Issue scopes of work or resource requests to your pre-approved vendors. View proposed personnel and their percentage match to your requirements.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Integrate with existing systems

MyPass® provides verified personnel data to empower your downstream systems. This includes integrating with medical, logistics, site access and permit systems.

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Contractor onboarding

We know that one of the biggest challenges for organisations who rely on large numbers of contractors is to ensure that personnel turns up on site with the right skills and competencies, without delays. Proactively track and manage the onboarding process so that there are no surprises. See why MyPass® is the market leader for bulk sourcing, onboarding and mobilisation.

"We are using MyPass® to manage our specialist and multi-skilled trades...getting the confidence that the employees' training, qualifications and compliance documents are up to date – easily, effectively and quickly."

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  • Reduce administration effort by up to 70%
  • Handle bulk resourcing requests seamlessly
  • Eliminate spreadsheets and manual tracking
  • Reduce the risk of skills gaps at the gate
MyPass workforce management software dashboard shows contractor details and their availability for a project

What people are saying

MyPass® has reduced and streamlined the administrative workload for our contractor on-boarding with all site inductions undertaken via MyPass®, removing the need to hold weekly face-to-face inductions, which were time consuming for all parties. Having instant access to contractors' competencies for their role enables a smoother approval process for access to site, which is particularly important during shutdowns.

Sandra, Contractor Onboarding

Frequently asked questions

Can I add my own training?

Yes. You can add your own company-specific training to the existing industry libraries. This includes your own inductions, top-up training or VoCs.

Who is responsible for uploads?

Ideally, training and certifications are automatically fed from one of our RTO partners, or uploaded by personnel themselves. Vendors can also upload information and manage personnel profiles on their behalf.

Can I integrate with other systems?

Yes. MyPass® has flexible APIs and webhooks to integrate with virtually any downstream system including flight, logistics, site access, permit and safety management systems.

What about workforce capability?

Connected organisations can display their total workforce size and match to your skills requirements, all within the one portal.

How does verification work?

MyPass® has a dedicated Verification Team who use proprietary technology to verify every document that is uploaded to MyPass®, back to the source where possible.

Is there a cost for my vendors?

Yes. Vendors subscribe to get their own dedicated portal that can be used across any client and any sector. Skills Passports for workers are FREE.

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Simplify and streamline contractor onboarding

MyPass workforce management dashboard showing a list of personnel