Dec 18, 2019 9:31:14 AM

MyPass®: 2019 in Review

Everything’s doubled. With 2019 on the way out I wanted to provide a summary of what this year has looked like for MyPass® Global.

The growth we’ve seen this year has been both rapid and encouraging across our customer and user bases. 

  • Doubled customers. In the last six months alone we’ve brought on board twice the number of business partners at all levels of the supply chain (training institutions, service providers and owners/operators). 
  • Doubled workers. The number of worker connections within the MyPass® platform also doubled in 2019.
  • Doubled team. Our team has grown accordingly, expanding in multiple locations.  

Key focuses in the past year have been growing our global presence via expanding to the U.S. and re-building the MyPass® platform to improve scalability and user experience. In addition, we’ve secured some very strong local partnerships with major clients and have received industry recognition as a leading technology solution in the resources sector. 

The MyPass® Global team gathered in Perth for a connection & values session.

MyPass® Global

This year we placed a strong focus on international development, exploring new markets and building networks within them. One particular area of focus has been the U.S, having personally spent fifteen of the last thirty weeks there. Our experiences at the Offshore Technology Conference with NERA set us up for a productive 90-day stay at the Austrade landing pad from May to July. We received amazing support from the US Energy sector ecosystem including Station Houston and The Cannon, which became key connection points into the Houston community. Special mention goes to the awesome teams at Bayardo Safety, Darcy Partners & the Digital Wildcatters for showing belief and interest in what we’re offering the industry. 

We went to the U.S. unsure of what problems they were experiencing and wanted to test our relevance. We left reassured that MyPass® was just as relevant in North America as it is in Australia, spurred by significant interest from supermajors and tier 1 service providers in the energy sector. Our first U.S. customer instilled further confidence in us as we built local partnerships and connections with the investor community. Interest from key industry influencers has set up a strong foundation to gain further traction in North America in 2020. 

Peter Buckley (left) & Matt Smith (right) at the Offshore Technology Conference, Houston.

Re-building the platform

In July we launched a fully redesigned version of the MyPass® platform, easily the most feature-rich and versatile version yet. The rebuild included:

  • Improvements to the workflows and graphical interface, making it even more intuitive and user friendly
  • Back-end architectural changes that make it easier to manage a variety of data sets and therefore scale globally 
  • Greater flexibility for business partners to use the platform for different purposes such as recruitment, compliance and project management. 
  • Features for workers such as a messaging tool, calendar and training synchronisation with Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)
  • Enhanced integration capability and webhooks to assist with connectivity to client databases and/or systems

These updates will be critical to engage new industries in 2020. In addition to the changes, we’re also happy to announce that we passed our annual ISO27001 Information Security surveillance audit with zero non-conformances.  Successfully protecting information assets is ‘our licence to operate’ and we are proud of the journey our team is on to ensure MyPass® remains a trusted business partner.

Keeping it local 

Despite the wins we’ve had in global markets this year, it’s been the strengthening of a number of domestic partnerships that have really solidified our foothold in Australia. Our relationships with registered training providers such as ERGT have progressed significantly, now allowing workers to synchronise their ERGT qualifications with their MyPass® digital passport. In addition to this, we’re delighted that Santos has chosen to roll out MyPass® across their national contractor base (which includes innovative companies such as UGL, who are independently expanding their usage of MyPass® across all of their asset services workforce).  

Australian Technologies Competition Winner

Taking part in the 2019 Australian Technologies Competition was a positive step for MyPass®. We spent six months getting feedback from various industry stakeholders on our business and how to best position MyPass® to the competition judges. When we were awarded first place in the Energy Resources sector in October it was a milestone moment for our team, being recognised as the best technology in this category. This achievement was really a testament to the development of MyPass® in 2019 both as a product and as a business.

Australian Technologies Competition 2019 at the MGC in Melbourne. Picture: Eugene Hyland


We cannot be thankful enough to all those who have given us their support throughout 2019 and believed in our vision to redefine the way industries operate. If it weren’t for the engagement of our team, customers, mentors and industry partners we would not have seen the tremendous growth that we did this year. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas break and we look forward to connecting in the new year as we set our sights on 2020.

CEO MyPass Global