At MyPass, we regularly collect feedback from our business partners to update our platform. So when Disability Sport and Recreation, one of the Volunteer organisations we work with, suggested we include the option for volunteers to identify as having a disability, our team was quick to develop this feature.

Optional Disability Question for Volunteers - MyPass Skills Passport

What is MyPass’s new feature for volunteers with a disability?

Based on the feedback from Disability Sport and Recreation, volunteers now have the option of identifying as having a disability in their Skills Passport. If they wish, volunteers also have the option to share more information about their disability with the organisation they’re engaging with. Currently, this feature is only available to organisations that have selected ‘Volunteer’ as a classification in their passport. 

How will this update help to better serve the volunteering industry?

There are approximately 4.4 million people in Australia who have a disability. As such, our technology must serve this cohort as best as we can. This update will help Volunteer organisations engage volunteers in a way that considers their needs, helping volunteers feel engaged and supported. 

Ayden Shaw, Programs and Events Manager at Disability Sport and Recreation said, “We recognise that it is important for volunteers to feel welcome through every step of their volunteering journey, this is particularly true for people with disability. In saying that the most critical aspect of this feature was to ensure that volunteers could disclose their disability status if they felt comfortable doing so”.

Do you operate in a highly-regulated industry that could benefit from MyPass’s software? 

MyPass’s technology provides the same benefits across all highly-regulated industries. We are proud that our technology that was initially designed to quickly mobilise Oil & Gas workers offshore has created benefits for other sectors, including Volunteering, Aged Care, Health Care, Disability Care & Manufacturing. 

With these changes, the MyPass platform is now engaging with people with disabilities in a more genuine and authentic way, creating new avenues that will result in new employment opportunities. We recognise that sometimes organisations want to be more inclusive, but they just may not know where to begin. That is why we were keen to provide feedback to MyPass as we know the benefit this will have on the sector.

Ayden Shaw - Program and Events Manager, Disability Sport and Recreation

Have any feedback on our platform?

If there are any features that would help better serve you or the people you engage, reach out to the MyPass team.

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