Managing large groups of personnel can be a daily challenge in highly-regulated sectors. 

It can be an uphill battle to navigate the complexities of managing people, especially with added pressures to reduce costs, achieve operational efficiencies and improve asset productivity. Are these challenges slowing you down? 

  • Operational efficiency
    Balancing cost reduction and maintaining high productivity levels
  • Complicated workforce management due to the cyclical nature of resource production
    Fluctuating demand for resources resulting in rapid expansion or contraction
  • Stress and fatigue
    Huge admin teams to source, onboard and mobilise large numbers of workers, leading to burnout and decreased efficiency
  • Manual data entry
    Tracking personnel qualifications and compliance manually can be tedious and error-prone

The consequences of not addressing these challenges can be severe. Inefficient and costly operations, and reduced productivity can cripple even the most robust businesses. The lack of real-time compliance data and worker credentialing can expose your organisation to significant risks, such as accidents or regulatory penalties.

MyPass effectively solves these problems by providing real-time visibility of your workforce training and competency data. With MyPass, you can enjoy:

  • Faster sourcing, onboarding and mobilisation of contractors
    Increase agility in scaling up production capabilities by tapping in to your resource pools of skilled workers
  • Streamlined business processes
    Reduce manual data entry and data duplication, and the associated risk of errors to free up your admin team to focus on more critical tasks
  • Worker credentialing and real-time compliance data
    Make sure that contractors have the right skills and qualifications to safely and effectively complete their tasks on site
  • Hand on heart assurance
    MyPass gives you the visibility to address any risky compliance gaps, ensuring your work environments are safe and connected. 

MyPass offers a solution that tackles the major pain points of managing large groups of people. Our award-winning technology delivers on worker credentialing, real-time compliance data, and streamlined processes, giving you back the time to focus on running a successful operation. Embrace the MyPass solution today and transform the way you manage your workforce.

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