The global skills shortage has created a real opportunity for organisations to increase representation of marginalised groups. Smart technologies that scale pathways to employment for workers from these marginalised backgrounds now exist and can make it easier to proactively source workers.

Improving pathways for marginalised workers. 

To make it quicker and more convenient to find a job, it’s vital to remove barriers to entry through simple process steps and a user-friendly platform. Creating sustainable and steady job opportunities for prospective personnel is likely to result in higher employee satisfaction, retention rates, and loyalty. This can also, in turn, contribute to retaining skilled personnel in an industry's talent pool. 

The most prominent factor is to create a positive user experience while searching for a job opportunity on a platform. Besides this, reducing steps during the recruitment and onboarding process can also improve the pathway.  For example, it’s frustrating and time-consuming for a candidate to apply through a lengthy process and upload their documents time and time again. Candidates should also have an accessible communication channel to chat with the managers with any questions or concerns. 

Achieve all this and more, in one place.

MyPass offers improved data visibility to forecast demand vs capability within the workforce. It also provides evidence-based data insights on what skills and competencies are in low supply. This translates into the training effort needed to continue developing skilled personnels to meet evolving industry demands at a regional, state or national level. Underpinning our system is a matching algorithm that surfaces the right worker with the right skills at the right time. We have the system architecture to help proactively address skills shortages among marginalised groups through predictive analytics.

For marginalised individuals who lack access or time to search and secure work through traditional processes, our software empowers them to apply for jobs with ease, store employment history, and share compliance documents. Using MyPass, entire industries can also focus directly on increasing opportunities for marginalised groups through employment initiatives.

Want to hire marginalised workers and fill job vacancies?

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