Are you a service provider operating in a highly-regulated industry? It’s tough out there. 

The global job market has become highly competitive, with an increasing demand for specialised talent. Service providers face the daunting task of finding and retaining the right employees to meet their clients' needs. In this landscape, it’s understandable that the risk of losing skilled workers to competitors is a significant concern. 

But what if there was a secure and convenient way to manage your workforce data and also prevent worker poaching? Enter MyPass, your partner in managing worker competency securely and effectively.

The traditional approach to competency management sees personal data shared via email and added to huge spreadsheets. It’s stored locally on desktops, and in systems with unrestricted access. A study conducted by the University of Western Australia found that a typical new worker's data can be stored in at least five different locations while being onboarded to a new site. With so much room for error and oversight in this process, companies are wide open to data breaches, privacy risks, and the chance of workers' details being leaked to the wrong person.

In light of recent data breaches and growing awareness of data privacy, protecting worker data has become critical. The old way of handling worker data with scattered storage and limited access control poses significant risks for both workers and employers. In fact, Australian legislation imposes penalties amounting up to 30% of a company’s domestic turnover.

MyPass is designed with privacy in mind, ensuring that your workers' details are safe and secure. In the fast-paced digital world, workers are increasingly vigilant about protecting their personal information. MyPass empowers them to manage their data and decide who can access it. Employers can only connect with workers if there is a previous relationship or if the worker provides access during the application process. MyPass is ISO27001 certified - a globally recognised standard for information security management, so you can trust us to keep your workforce data safe.

In the face of worker poaching and intense competition for specialised talent, service providers can also use MyPass to nurture and grow their worker pools within the platform. This gives them a readily available pool of compliant skilled workers to meet client demands. When an Owner Client uses MyPass for requesting workers, it helps service providers to eliminate the need to share sensitive personal information through insecure channels.

As the labor market continues to evolve, the adoption of secure digital systems like MyPass is vital. MyPass helps to strike a balance between worker mobility and retaining skilled employees, all while keeping worker data safe. 

The competitive labor market presents challenges for service providers, but also opportunities for growth and innovation. Protecting worker data and fostering a collaborative approach between service providers and MyPass will pave the way for a more resilient and successful workforce. By embracing technology and working together, service providers can thrive in a competitive labor market while retaining their skilled workforce.

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