A strong economy needs a skilled workforce to drive productivity and competition. Last year the Australian Government revealed plans to dedicate resources to address the shortage of skilled workers, and the National Skills Agreement was kicked off in January 2024. This five-year collaborative effort will unite government jurisdictions to enhance vocational education and training. 

Many sectors are expected to see substantial growth over the coming years, and organisations can get ready by adopting solutions to manage their skilled workforce effectively. One such solution is MyPass' digital Skills Passport - a secure and centralised repository for an individual’s skills and qualifications. MyPass' workforce compliance management tools are designed to support those operating in high-stakes, highly-regulated sectors like mining, energy, volunteering and health care. Sustaining essential care services including aged care is amongst the national priorities for the agreement, a sector that is increasingly adopting MyPass. 

As the demand for skilled professionals in critical sectors grows, our Skills Passport is a streamlined, secure way to manage and verify credentials. The journey towards a skilled, productive, and fulfilled workforce is ongoing, and the National Skills Agreement, complemented by solutions like MyPass, represents a significant leap forward.

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This landmark agreement will kickstart real change.

— Brendan O'Connor (Federal Minister for Skills and Training)

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