MyPass was pleased to exhibit at the inaugural Programmed Innovation Expo: Reimagine the Future of Facility Management. Watch Matt Smith, MyPass CEO, as he speaks to paparazzi (aka a planned interaction with the lovely event videographer).

At MyPass, our primary goal is to ensure that everyone returns home from work safely, while minimising risk and costs for the businesses that carry the responsibility of managing, onboarding and mobilising workers.

Leading the way with digital Skills Passports
One of the key factors that sets MyPass apart is our digital Skills Passport, which is revolutionising workforce compliance. This unique technology serves as a single 'source of truth', capturing a worker's trainings and credentials in real-time. This can then be shared with one or more employers via a permission structure. By enabling industry-wide simplification, standardisation, and sharing of records, MyPass is optimising efficiency and reducing the duplication of efforts.

What matters to MyPass
MyPass has designed a platforms that offers a win-win-win for workers, service providers, and owner clients. Through the synchronisation of data, the entire supply chain benefits from having access to the same accurate and trusted records. Industry leaders using MyPass are facilitating collaboration and standardisation, to benefit and create a better experience for contractors and workers.

See how MyPass can connect and empower industry to simplify, standardise and share.

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