Digitally transform your compliance data to make stressful compliance audits a thing of the past. 

In the energy and resources sector, owner operators and their vendor partners are subject to routine and randomised compliance audits. MyPass is the antidote to disruptive compliance audits, with the provision of real-time data that’s accessible from anywhere. Such was the case with one of our energy customers.

The drivers that led to the switch

Our customer transitioned all workforce competency management to MyPass in 2020.

A key objective was to empower vendor partners to track and manage workforce competency and safety compliance efficiently and in real-time.

MyPass was selected as the solution to deliver:

  • Competency management as a key safety control
  • Supply chain efficiencies and improvements to risk management processes
  • A single source of worker data 
  • Collaboration and win-win-win outcomes for our customer, their vendors and contractors


Our customer was audited by WorkSafe, a function of the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, and the auditor selected contractor management as the topic. Handy!

Enter MyPass.

The WorkSafe auditors were given a demo of MyPass, before they picked a vendor at random to prove the effectiveness of the system. The auditors also requested to view a contractor’s Skills Passport. 

Both the vendor and contractor were confirmed to be 100% compliant.

With all contractor certifications stored in the MyPass portal, vendors and contractors could easily demonstrate full and valid compliance in real-time. By transitioning all contractor management to MyPass, our customer and its vendors avoided a last-minute scramble among admin teams to present the requested compliance documentation. 

What does the alternative look like?

If MyPass was out of the equation, the alternative process would have been convoluted and championed by admin teams rushing to find the information stored in databases or spreadsheets.    

MyPass is a game-changing solution for contractor safety and compliance in highly-regulated industries. By partnering with MyPass, you can ensure that your workers' qualifications and certifications are valid and up-to-date.

MyPass enables companies to streamline their compliance processes, while offering the peace of mind that contractors are fully qualified and compliant. MyPass also helps vendors to show their commitment to safety and compliance, while increasing their chances of getting more jobs.

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