MyPass is proud to be one of the Australian tech companies invited to join the Tech Council of Australia (TCA). The TCA has opened up collaboration between Australian tech innovators, to build upon synergies, share ideas and discuss the need to secure digital skills in our future workforce.


TCA recently held the Jobs and Skills Summit to facilitate much-needed conversations on the Australian job market. With some major tech players present, the event bore positive outcomes, with a clear path forward for the tech industry in Australia. Industry leaders like Robyn Denholm (TCA Chair), Scott Farquhar (TCA Board Member), Mina Radhakrishnan (TCA Board Member), and Luke Anear (member company CEO), were all there, and strongly advocated on behalf of our sector. 

TCA set out a clear path towards achieving their shared commitment with the Australian Government to create 1.2 million tech jobs by 2025.

It’s no secret that the tech sector is booming throughout the world, and this recent publication forecasts that Australia is on track to acquire an extra 653,000 tech workers by 2030. This significant surge in skilled tech jobs is an exciting growth opportunity for Australia to display our technology capabilities on the global stage.

MyPass is encouraged by the specific measures announced in the outcomes document for the Summit. It was a strong start to building the modern skills base that will help Australia grow more well-paid, and long-term jobs in the tech sector, while helping more Australians get access to them. 

How can MyPass help?

With the surge of 1.2 million tech jobs coming up in Australia, there is an opportunity for them to be filled through various approaches, including entry-level university and VET pathways, up-skilling and re-skilling existing workers into tech roles, and hiring highly skilled and experienced international workers.

MyPass is uniquely positioned to support the TCA and other industry partners to streamline the process of identifying skills gaps, inform government reporting on job creation, and provide safe work environments for the skilled workforce.


By storing real-time information in Skills Passports, MyPass provides insights into what skills and competencies are in low supply. These insights translate into the training effort needed to continue developing skilled workers to meet evolving industry demands at a regional or state level. MyPass can use real-time data to forecast demand, map skills gaps, and identify skills shortages by role type, competencies, and geography whilst informing diversity and inclusion targets.

MyPass also connects job seekers with employers and training providers. This would allow individuals of all backgrounds and demographics to build their skills and capabilities, and feel empowered to develop their careers to meet changing industry needs.

MyPass can drive the deployment of an interdependent, scalable platform that allows tracking and monitoring of progress. 

Thank-you TCA!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the TCA for including MyPass in their quest to make a difference in the Australian Tech Sector, and the Australian Government for their highly engaging presence at the Jobs and Skills Summit.

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