Companies are now opting to collaborate, standardise and share with industry peers, rather than compete. 

The challenge of traditional workforce management

At MyPass we know that companies are faced with a host of workforce management challenges that hinder efficiency and productivity. One of the primary issues is the lack of centralised data. With information scattered across multiple systems, verifying worker credentials and compliance is a cumbersome and time-consuming task. 

Manual processes exacerbate the inefficiency, and high worker turnover rates can complicate matters further. This disjointed approach increases the risk of non-compliance, but also leads to unnecessary costs and administrative burdens. 

Collect once, use many times

MyPass is designed to address the evolving workforce management challenges. It serves as a single source of truth, centralising a worker's data for organisations that have been approved by the worker. By providing a unified and easily accessible record of certifications, licenses, and training, MyPass replaces the need for multiple data entry points and simplifies compliance verification. 

MyPass is built to connect Asset Owners, Service Providers, RTO’s and workers is one place, where everyone can benefit from centralised data, standardised processes and real-time information.

A case for change: Verisafe

A recent example of the shift towards industry collaboration is the Verisafe initiative, a Verification of Competency framework for high risk work licence holders. MyPass is the technology partner for Verisafe, offering secure and centralised competency management to help participating companies fulfil their duty of care. Verisafe ensures that all workers completing high risk work hold valid skills and competencies to complete their tasks safely. 


Verisafes’ founding members are Tier One operators in the Australian resources sector, including BHP, Shell, Chevron, Woodside, Alcoa and Rio Tinto. Through standardisation, Verisafe is connecting companies with the common goal of safer, more effective workplaces. 

A system that benefits the entire industry

Embracing standardisation through MyPass' digital Skills Passport, or initiatives like Verisafe, has far-reaching benefits for the entire resources industry. It not only improves safety through effective compliance management but also reduces the risk of human errors and regulatory violations.

MyPass enhances efficiency, enabling organisations to scale their operations without compromising on compliance requirements. The streamlined data sharing and collaboration fostered by the platform result in significant cost savings and improved performance for the industry as a whole.

Simplify, standardise, and share information

Using MyPass’ single source of truth, companies can access real-time data, share best practices, and ultimately create safer workplaces while optimising their bottom-line performance.

It is only by embracing standardisation that the resources industry can position itself for sustained growth and success in the dynamic and competitive market.

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