With increasing reports of privacy and data breaches in both the public and private spheres, there is growing concern around data ownership and protection. In today’s digital climate, individuals want to own and control their own personal information and allocate permissions to only those they trust. Here at MyPass, we are committed to ensuring your personal data is safe. As such, we have invested vast resources to safeguard your information and believe our data model is more secure than the use of traditional worker management systems. 

What are the risks with traditional onboarding processes?

Traditional onboarding processes typically involve the sharing of Personally Identifiable Information via email. Generally, this information is then stored in unsecure locations on shared drives, spreadsheets and in data silos. This unsecure sharing of information via email puts you at risk of serious privacy and data breaches, as spreadsheets are shared with other businesses across all levels of the supply chain.

How does MyPass keep your data safe?

In contrast, MyPass’s user-owned data model is ‘privacy by design’. What this means is that you have much better control over your own Personally Identifiable Information as you ‘own’ your personal data. To share your information with employers, you have to give them permission through our shared permissions structure. For particularly sensitive documents such as medical records, MyPass also has a ‘sensitive’ status for both public and private certifications. When a document is set as ‘sensitive,’ the users who typically have access to that data can still view the related metadata, but cannot view or download the file.

What is our ISO27001 certification?

Our Information Security Management System (ISMS) which is the key mechanism for protecting our code, is ISO27001 certified. The ISO27001 certification is an internationally recognised and independently assessed specification that demonstrates that MyPass has invested heavily in processes, tools and systems to protect data and manage information security. As of March 2022, we are just one of 213 companies in Australia to achieve this high standard. Receiving our ISO27001 certification was critical to MyPass’s continued growth and trust with our clients, workers and training providers to build a system that ensures your personal data is safe and secure.

Have any concerns or want to find out more info?

Please reach out to the team if you have any concerns or want to find out more information on how MyPass ensures your personal privacy and data protection. 

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