Environmental, Social, and Governance, or ESG, represents the most pressing challenges in contemporary society. Strong ESG policies, procedures and metrics are increasingly vital to long-term sustainability and business success, with organisations expected to report on how they're minimising their negative footprint for the greater good of society.

In Australia, industry and workplace reforms mark a shift towards greater accountability and responsibility placed on every organisation. The changes to Respect at Work Act 2022 are just one example of new obligations for employers to protect their workers. These reforms place heavy emphasis on corporate governance and social responsibility. 

To keep pace, it’s important for organisations to ensure that policies, procedures, monitoring and internal controls are aligned with social and legal expectations. This includes equal opportunities, health and safety, and sex-based harassment and discrimination. By meeting these expectations, organisations not only eliminate legal, financial and reputational damage, but show their commitment to being responsible corporate citizens. Whilst there are many moving factors that contribute to ESG strategies, one tool that can significantly aid compliance monitoring for ESG purposes is MyPass.

Real-time compliance data for ESG reporting 

MyPass offers an innovative solution for organisations striving to meet these new standards. By providing real-time data on worker compliance, MyPass empowers customers to enhance their ESG reporting to meet social equity, legal and workforce safety targets.

Enhanced social equity metrics through data visibility

The social pillar in ESG includes the wellbeing and equitable treatment of your workforce. MyPass facilitates this by giving organisations clear visibility of workforce data, so they can monitor demographic metrics. Key insights include:

  • Gender diversity: Track the percentage of employees on-site to ensure gender representation aligns with company goals and industry standards.

  • Indigenous Representation: Report on Indigenous representation in the workforce to support  social equity efforts. 

  • Disability Inclusion: Identify and support employees with disabilities to ensure accessibility and improve inclusivity targets within the workplace.

This comprehensive visibility into workforce composition can strengthen the organisation's commitment to diversity and inclusion, and create a safer workplace for everyone.

Governance and compliance - Meeting legal standards

Governance is integral to maintaining ethical business practices and compliance with legal regulations. MyPass plays a pivotal role in this area by:

  • Tracking compliance: Ensure that all workers, contractors, and volunteers meet the necessary compliance standards, including those stipulated by the Respect at Work Act 2022.

  • Monitoring training and inductions: Use real-time data to track the completion and validity of mandatory training sessions.

By maintaining a single profile for each worker, MyPass enables organisations to monitor performance and compliance across various job sites, preventing repeat offenders from bypassing safety protocols.

Social responsibility - Worker safety and wellbeing

Worker safety and health standards are central to the social pillar of ESG, and MyPass contributes through:

  • Real-time safety data: Provide immediate access to compliance data, allowing for quick action to address any potential safety concerns.

  • Preventing harassment and bullying: Implement digital tools to ensure workers are safe from harassment and discrimination, aligning with the new positive duty obligations.

  • Transparent reporting: Use data to create reports that highlight safety measures and incident rates, ensuring continuous improvement and adherence to best practices.

  • A single profile for each worker: Assign a unique identifier to each worker and contractor to remove the risk of duplicate profiles and compliance gaps. 

  • Industry-standard training: Implement standardised awareness training to ensure a consistent and comprehensive understanding of safety and respect.

Navigating ESG can be complex and time-consuming. MyPass stands out as a vital tool for enhancing compliance and reporting. By leveraging real-time data visibility, organisations can ensure they meet legal standards, foster a safe and respectful workplace, and demonstrate their commitment to ESG principles. MyPass not only helps businesses remain compliant but also drives a cultural shift towards greater transparency, inclusivity, and safety in the workplace. 

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