May 24, 2023 8:13:16 AM

Contingent workers are here to stay

In today's fast-paced world, companies are challenged to keep up with the changing demands of their workforce. The ability to scale up or down at a moment's notice is critical to staying competitive. 

This often means balancing internal resources with contingent labour. But this poses risks, particularly when it comes to safety. Studies have shown that contractors, who are hired for specialised projects, are more likely to be involved in on-site accidents than full-time employees. This can be attributed to being less familiar with the project and site, receiving less training, and being less comfortable speaking out about safety concerns. 

Managing compliance and onboarding for a large number of contingent workers can also present significant challenges. When managing workers across multiple sites, manual data entry, duplicate process steps and paperwork is often overwhelming. 

Enter MyPass, our digital workforce management solution that connects you to real-time compliance data.

MyPass gives you the hand on heart assurance that all workers are trained and competent, by connecting you to verified worker information in real-time. With MyPass you can establish compliance requirements through skills matrices and keep track of your workers' credentials accordingly. This ensures only qualified and authorised individuals are allowed on site, minimising the risk of safety incidents and regulatory penalties.

Enhanced sourcing and mobilisation 

MyPass streamlines the recruitment and onboarding process for contingent workers. Build a resource pool of verified personnel to simplify sourcing, onboarding and mobilising workers in time for Shutdowns, Turnaround and other projects. By integrating with your current systems such as LMS, MyPass ensures employees undertake site-specific induction training only once. This avoids the duplication of courses and saves valuable time.

Empowered workers

MyPass empowers workers to own, manage and share their competency information in their Skills Passport. It’s a simple, user-friendly interface that’s completely free for workers. 

Improved operational efficiencies

By putting the onus on workers to maintain their competency information, the data ownership model is reversed. This leads to the removal of data entry and duplication, which in turn:
  • Enhances operations
  • Reduces inefficiencies and the risk of errors
  • Ensures that you have the right workers in place to meet your organisation's needs

Whether managing a single site or multiple locations, MyPass simplifies the mobilisation process and streamlines compliance management.

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