Feb 21, 2022 12:15:02 PM

ABA100 Winner for Process Innovation


The MyPass team were honoured to have been selected as the ABA100 Winner for best Process Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2021. Last year was a time of fast-growth and learning for MyPass, and this recognition affirmed our commitment to continuous improvement and innovative business processes.

The annual program acknowledges organisations that are implementing world-class business initiatives and developing innovative products and services for their achievements, both nationally and internationally. 

MyPass is a multi-award-winning Australian technology, empowering workers to manage training and competency information in a digital Skills Passport. Through our innovative business model, we're simplifying the compliance management process for organisations in highly regulated industries. With verified worker data available in real-time, organisations can proactively source and mobilise skilled workers to create safer work environments and prevent compliance gaps. With over 300 industry leaders using MyPass, we are striving  to create a global worker credentialing platform designed to lower risk and reduce back-office costs by up to 70% through more streamlined processes.

For vital sectors such as Energy & Resources, Utilities, Aged Care and Volunteering, MyPass is rapidly becoming the ‘industry standard’ system of record by connecting the entire supply chain. There is strong national and international interest for MyPass’s cloud-based software, led by a movement towards industry collaboration and data-sharing.

Big thanks to the The Australian Business Awards for this recognition!

As the world changes, these organisations have implemented new business tools, practices, and policies to facilitate productivity beyond the physical office, presenting unique opportunities for business transformation by rethinking their business strategies and processes.

— Ms Tara Johnston, ABA 2021 Program Director

Australian Business Awards

MyPass Global awarded as ABA100® Winner for Process Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2021

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