There are some types of certifications, like medicals and police checks, that need to be handled with more careful consideration than others. In these cases, it might be necessary to control access to the contents of the certificate for privacy reasons.

Introducing… MyPass®’s Sensitive Certifications

MyPass® has created a new ‘Sensitive’ status for both public and private certifications. When a document is set as ‘Sensitive,’ the users who typically have access to that data can still view the related metadata, but cannot view or download the file. User group permissions now include the option to grant access to users who need to view and download Sensitive Certifications.

COVID-19 Immunisation Certificates

It’s now commonplace for Governments and private companies to issue COVID-19 vaccination mandates for workers. MyPass® has a simple, efficient and free solution to track COVID-19 immunisation certificates, which are marked as ‘Sensitive’ by default.

Find out more information about MyPass®’s free COVID-19 vaccination tracking solution here.

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