Oct 6, 2020 9:54:43 AM

The Future of Technology in Aged Care

Technology in Aged Care

MyPass® recently hosted the ‘Technology in Aged Care’ workshop with the goal of bridging the gap between Aged Care & technology providers in Australia.

We have created a free guide based on our findings to offer insight into the current and future needs of the Aged Care sector and how technology providers should aim to engage with key decision-makers.

technology in aged care

We found considerable enthusiasm for streamlining systems and processes to save time and reduce cost. In addition to these key benefits, Aged Care providers are motivated to adopt new technology to empower carers to make informed decisions and improve the quality of care through a client-centric approach. 

The future needs of the Aged Care sector can be grouped into five themes: 

  1. Integration
  2. Simple, centralised digital solutions, like MyPass®
  3. Overcoming frustrations with searching the tech market 
  4. A client-centred approach
  5. Vendor responsibility and communication

Dan Beeston, ICT Manager at Juniper Aged Care continues to make strides towards digitisation and innovative solutions for the betterment of client care. “Our goal is to have a lean mode of operation to streamline our processes to make Juniper more efficient so that every dollar saved can go back into the quality of care.”, he said.

As with any industry, technology providers should be constantly adapting and pivoting to meet the needs of their customers based on real-time changes within the sector. Download our free guide for more information on how the Aged Care sector should expect to be engaged and supported by technology providers.