MyPass Global Partners with National Crime Check (NCC) to Offer Integrated Solution

Today marks the launch of MyPass® Global’s partnership with National Crime Check, a leading background check organisation servicing multiple highly-regulated industries across Australia. Together, we are offering an exclusive discount on nationally-accredited Police Checks, available to order directly through the MyPass® platform. The tool is fully integrated with our cloud-based technology, ensuring ease of compliance and transparency between employers and workers.

NCC integration

The Fuel Behind the Partnership

With the global workforce progressing towards innovative, digital solutions, MyPass® caters to the rapidly increasing demand for a streamlined process to guarantee worker safety and compliance. The NCC integration now makes it possible to book Police Checks directly through MyPass® user profiles, thus simplifying the process of obtaining and managing accredited checks all in one place. Employers have real-time visibility of workforce compliance and their workers have a quick and easy route to gaining and presenting their checks in one central location. The results of employee Police Checks will be reflected in their worker profile in real-time, thus providing employers with a holistic view of the individual and their suitability for employment.

Worker Perks

  • Applying for a new police check is quick, straight-forward, and available at the exclusive rate of $39 (including G.S.T)
  • Police Checks will typically be processed and verified within 1-2 business days before status is presented within the user’s MyPass® profile 
  • Ensuring police checks are valid, verified and up-to-date reduces the wasted time associated with clunky administrative processes. In being proactive with checks, workers can improve their safety compliance and employability

Create or log in to your MyPass® Profile to book your accredited NCC Police Check for this exclusive price. 

Benefits for Business

  • Police Checks can be ordered directly through our system quickly, easily and for the exclusive rate of $44 (including G.S.T). The integration removes the need to search for Background Checking sites
  • Companies can make informed, evidence-based business decisions using real-time visibility of workforce compliance
  • Resourcing, recruitment and onboarding is streamlined with live data insights on worker compliance and employability
  • The NCC integration enhances the peace of mind that comes with knowing workers are skilled, compliant and qualified to do the task they’ve been hired to do
  • Communication and transparency are greatly improved by connecting workers, asset owners, service providers and RTO’s via a ‘single source of truth’ dataset

To utilise MyPass® for your organisation's accredited Police Checks, contact our team via