MyPass® Global’s COVID-19 Self Declaration form is now available to all industries. Registration to use the feature has been opened for all businesses to help support the management of workers moving forward. 

For industries like the Resources & Energy sector where workers are highly mobile, the Self Declaration form provides employers with instant visibility in tracking the impact of the virus on their workforce. Originally developed for carers in Health & Aged Care, the technology can now be utilised by companies in other industries that manage large numbers of workers that may have been exposed to the virus. 

Workers simply create a MyPass® profile, complete the online declaration form and then produce it on their mobile or tablet device at any time to prove they’re fit to work. Employers can also track their workforce compliance through the online MyPass® portal, with reporting and communication features also available. 

The Self Declaration form is currently valid for a period of seven days. This is due to the rapidly developing nature of the situation and the limited awareness of how many people have been exposed to the virus. After this seven-day period, workers will be required to update their Self Declaration form within the platform. 

Matt Smith, CEO of MyPass® Global, says, “After creating the online form for Health & Aged Care services, it made sense that so many other companies would benefit from this technology. Businesses are struggling to track the impact of COVID-19 on their workers and this feature makes it really easy to manage who is fit for work and who isn’t. It also places power back in the worker's hands to declare that they are willing and able to continue working.”

The update follows the initial release of the feature to Health & Aged Care services to assist in the response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Organisations such as Aged & Community Services Australia (ACSA) & Leading Aged Services Australia (LASA) have already promoted the feature to their network of service pr4oviders. 

About MyPass® Global: MyPass® Global is a worker resourcing and compliance management platform based in Perth, Australia. With 27,000 users across 24 countries, MyPass® is on a mission to transform the way workers are engaged and managed in high-compliance sectors.

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