Given current events and the disruption that is being caused by COVID-19, we wanted to let you know what measures we’ve put in place to ensure you remain connected to us and your team. 

One of the simplest things you can take advantage of right now to stay connected is our chat feature. This is a FREE service that allows business users to send individual or bulk notifications (with attachments) to your teams so that they can keep up to date with important announcements. Workers are also able to communicate back to employers through this channel of communication. Don't forget we have a MyPass helpdesk should you need a reminder on how to utilise this feature. 

Business Users – Staying Connected

Like many businesses, we’ve instructed everyone to work from home for the foreseeable future. As well as this, we are putting plans in place to ensure we continue to deliver for our clients and partners. These strategies include:

  • Customer success and support – to streamline communications with our team we will be using Freshdesk to stay connected, manage queries and help requests. If you or your team have a request, please email The individual will then be set up on Freshdesk and be able to see the progress of their query. Streamlining requests will enable the team to deal with the task at hand more effectively and resolve it faster.
  • Leveraging the Cloud – as our platform is a cloud-based collaboration tool, our team are able to work remotely and remain connected, as are you and your teams. This means you can still stay on top of compliance, recruitment and mobilisation remotely.
  • Platform development – whilst we understand the start dates of shuts and turnarounds may be pushed out, we are using this time to continue to optimise the platform, including enhancing the recruitment and reporting functionality.
  • Meetings – we will continue to be available for meetings. We use Zoom but are equally adept at Google Hangouts and Skype, just let us know what works for you. Face to face meetings are of course on hold for now, but our availability is not. 
  • Upcoming project forecasts – we know that some projects may be rescheduled. Having spoken to a number of our business partners, many are using this period of time to get all worker records up-to-date, fill training gaps and more. There will be an upswing, so we’re using this time to get ready for what will be a busy time later in the year.


In short, whilst it may not feel like business as usual, our focus has not changed, and we will continue to work closely with everyone to manage potential disruption. And continue to source the right workers, with the right skills, for the right job, at the right time. 


This week we distributed a COVID-19 specific newsletter to our community of workers who follow Shutdowns Australia. In it, we included essential information regarding how they will be impacted by the current situation and where they can source trusted information. We wanted to share the same information with all of our MyPass® workers as well.

This is the response we’ve seen from the resource industry so far to COVID-19:

  • At this time no announcements have been made by major mining, oil or gas companies on reducing staff numbers on-site
  • In some instances, companies have had to isolate workers after they presented with flu-like symptoms on-site. This occurred with Chevron, CITIC Pacific Mining and South32.
  • Fortescue’s CEO announced the company plans to continue their operations as per the existing production schedule.
  • Workers are being encouraged to avoid spreading rumours throughout industry or unions of a mass lockdown which would cause major operational changes.


The Australian Government Department of Health has also released a series of short videos explaining how you can best respond to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Thank you for your continued support, if you need to chat directly please reach out to me or any of our team.



Matt Smith (CEO)