MyPass has been appointed by Bendigo Health to deliver a volunteer management solution across the Loddon Mallee Health Network.

The MyPass technology will be used to create a central pool of volunteers for the sixteen hospitals in the Loddon Mallee region. MyPass will simplify and standardise the process of volunteer management and service delivery across the whole region.LM,HN

Volunteers will be able to create their Skills Passport, demonstrating they meet compliance requirements for volunteering and allowing for quick and easy mobilisation between health services. The centralised volunteer pool will benefit individual health services in the region by providing access to the same real-time volunteer data, in turn streamlining the management of their local volunteer pool.

This contract demonstrates a joint commitment between MyPass and the Loddon Mallee Health Network to improve the quality and safety of healthcare provision. By aligning systems, processes, compliance, and resource sharing, the appointment aims to promote a safe and sustainable health care environment. 

Implementation of the MyPass volunteer management platform for LMHN has already begun.

“I am passionate about bringing our digital solution to the health and volunteering sectors. This collaboration is a significant milestone for us and a demonstration of our commitment to making workforce management more efficient and compliant.”

— Matt Smith, MyPass Founder & CEO

About MyPass 

MyPass™ is a global workforce technology company dedicated to empowering workers to manage their training and competency information through a digital Skills Passport. MyPass simplifies the compliance management process for organisations in highly-regulated industries by eliminating compliance gaps. Through its work, MyPass aims to reduce risk, provide real-time compliance data, and cut back-office costs by up to 70%.


About Loddon Mallee Health Network 

The Loddon Mallee Health Network (LMHN) is an unincorporated joint venture, managed by CEOs of public hospitals from the Loddon Mallee region. The network, driven by a commitment to providing excellent person-centred care, operates strategically and collaboratively to strengthen the future offering and viability of healthcare services to its communities.

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Rachael Munro, MarComms Manager at MyPass Global