Do you operate
in a highly regulated sector?

If so, we feel your pain. For more than 15 years, we were forced to manage the worker onboarding process on 36 column spreadsheets, manually updating traditional workforce management software, with safety-critical certificates and training stored in unsecured individual folders.

Feeling frustrated, inefficient and exposed, we scoured the internet to find a better way. It didn’t exist. So over the past 8 years we’ve invested more than 150,000 developer hours to build MyPass®, the future of workforce management.

Now every organisation can simplify the way they manage their workforce, reduce their risk and lower operational costs, by up to 70%.

What is mypass®?

MyPass® is a multi-award-winning Australian technology, empowering workers to manage training and competency information in a digital Skills Passport. We're simplifying the compliance management process for organisations in highly regulated industries. With verified worker data available in real-time, organisations can proactively source and mobilise skilled workers to create safer work environments and prevent compliance gaps. Together with over 800 industry leaders using MyPass®, we are creating a global worker credentialing platform designed to lower risk and reduce back-office costs by up to 70%.

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MyPass® Helps you

Ensure Compliance

MyPass® gives organisations assurance that the right people with the right skills are performing their allocated tasks.

Create custom competency matrices, assign roles to personnel, monitor real-time dashboards, and check percentage compliance in real-time.

"We are using MyPass® to manage our specialist and multi-skilled trades... getting the confidence that the employees’ training, qualifications and compliance documents are up to date – easily, effectively and quickly."

Broadspectrum LinkedIn Post

  • Efficiently pre-qualify and mobilise contractors
  • Real-time visibility of certificates and licences
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MyPass® Helps you

Streamline Onboarding

Candidates create their unique Skills Passport, have it verified by us, apply for roles, and be processed through your customisable applicant tracking workflow. Deploy your team immediately, or proactively manage them in talent pools. Data can be automatically sent to your existing systems via our flexible APIs (no more spreadsheets!).

"MyPass® is the best product for managing Compliance and Contractor workforce inductions and qualifications. It is a single source of truth, removing the need for spreadsheets and bespoke databases... it is easy to deploy and simple to access from any device. "

Contractor Manager, Methanex

  • Efficiently pre-qualify and mobilise contractors
  • Real-time visibility of certificates and licences
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Streamline onboarding

MyPass® Helps you

Lower Operating Costs

Save up to 70% in administration costs by removing manual sourcing and tracking of personnel information.

Experience a more efficient resourcing & logistic process that will give your organisation a competitive advantage.

"I promote MyPass® in the industry like I’m an employee. Not just because it makes our business more efficient, but it benefits all of industry."

VP Operations, Beach Energy

  • Efficiently pre-qualify and mobilise contractors
  • Real-time visibility of certificates and licences
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A line chart showing how MyPass's software has been proven to reduce costs by up to 70%. In front of the chart, there are three workers. One woman is wearing scrubs and ticking off a checklist, whilst a man in high-vis and a hard hat stands next to another man wearing overalls and a hard hat.

introducing mypass®

MyPass® is workforce onboarding and compliance software designed to help companies in highly regulated sectors ensure that they have the right people with the right skills at the right time, performing their tasks on site.

MyPass workforce management dashboard showing a worker pool. Two people are pointing to the dashboard

Why make the switch?

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Remove manual keying

Individuals are accountable for maintaining their own information, which can also be populated automatically by the credential issuer, or if preferred, by your admin team.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Automated verification

Personnel documentation is verified using direct feeds from the issuing source where possible, and by our team of verification experts. Reduce your risk of fraud.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Single source of truth

Each individual in MyPass® is uniquely identified. Their Skills Passport is their 'single source of truth' across any industry or geography.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Easy integration

MyPass® has intuitive APIs that allow you to integrate into your existing technology landscape, feeding verified data into any downstream system.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Simple & intuitive interface

MyPass® has been built with the user in mind. Simple and clear dashboards, intuitive search, and the information you need is always only 2 to 3 clicks away.

MyPass passport with a worker's image and job details. Unclickable.

Around the clock support

Our friendly support team operates 24/7 to ensure individuals and organisations get the help they need in a timely manner.

How it works

MyPass® is a multi-user cloud platform that gives each worker a unique Skills Passport to store verified training, licences and certifications, visible only to their employer(s) and approved site(s). MyPass® is FREE for personnel. Organisations can subscribe to manage their own talent pools, or request their suppliers to share assigned personnel through the MyPass® trusted network.

MyPass workforce management dashboard showing a list of personnel


If we were to have a spot audit of worker compliance on site today, I think we would fail. That is what ultimately convinced management to deploy the MyPass® system.

General Manager,

Integrated Services Company

It's about integration, and information that's accessible and applicable across the whole business to form a lean, fast and agile organisation.

Chief Executive Officer,

Glenview Community Care

I would recommend MyPass® to those recruiting for shutdown work. The key benefits for us include fantastic search functionality, and the ease in which we can update worker information.

Site Manager,

Large Service Provider

Frequently asked questions

How do I know the data on MyPass® is secure?

Data Governance and Information Security are paramount to MyPass® and its customers. We are ISO27001 certified, one of just 213 Australian companies to carry this certification.

Are my personnel visible to other employers?

No, your personnel, when invited by you to join MyPass®, are not visible to other employers. They are only visible to you.

How can MyPass® Global integrate with other in-house platforms?

MyPass® can integrate with internal tools and platforms. To enable integration, we provide a suite of developer API’s and webhooks that internal development teams can use to integrate with your systems and automate your processes. Or alternatively contact us directly and we will be happy to assist.

What does MyPass® Global cost?

Access to MyPass® Global for personnel is free, while industry pricing is generally based on a per worker per month subscription basis. You can have an unlimited number of user accounts associated with your organisation. Please contact us for detailed pricing information. We offer flexible subscription options ranging from the full end-to-end resourcing functionality within MyPass®, to simple read-only reporting access.

What's the difference between MyPass® and traditional resource management?

MyPass® Global is a Skills Passport used for workforce and compliance management, connecting personnel, employers and sites. Companies and sites access aggregated personnel performance, skills, and compliance information, and workers self-manage their qualifications, tickets and experience in their MyPass® Skills Passport. With unlimited users from multiple disciplines, MyPass® drives collaboration between site operations and back-office teams to streamline the supply chain, reduce risk, reduce costs and deliver peace of mind to personnel and employers alike.

Traditional workforce management systems rely upon employers to enter and maintain worker data, as well as conduct all document verification. With no integration with training providers, traditional workforce management systems not only require heavy investment upfront with ongoing management fees to the platform provider, they are often poorly utilised and do not integrate with other inhouse tools and platforms, creating silos of information that is often out of date and expensive to maintain.

Get started in three easy steps

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Set-up your data

Create your competency matrix and onboarding workflows, import your vendor/personnel list and add any company-specific training

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Invite vendors OR workers

Send invites directly from MyPass®. Vendors get their own portal, and personnel are prompted to set up a unique MyPass® Skills Passport 

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Go live

MyPass® verifies all uploaded documentation, personnel complete any required eLearning, then you can view real-time data on your MyPass®  dashboard

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