Jun 12, 2019 10:34:05 PM

Farie’s Story: Embracing Change

Farie is the newest addition to the MyPass® team, our Customer Success Lead and someone who brings with her a wealth of experience in customer service.

 When asked “What type of fruit would you be?”, Farie said a watermelon; “hard on the outside, soft on the inside and I just love watermelons.”

How did you come across MyPass® in the first place?

In my last role, the project I was working on had come to an end and so I began casually looking for a role that suited my current strengths and something that I would be able to grow and develop with. I bumped into the MyPass® role and thought it was really interesting, I also love the role ‘Customer Service Specialist’. So I applied and here I am!

What is it about you that makes you good at your job?

I’m really customer-centric - I’ve got a strong background in sales, but a lot of my experience is centred around customer fulfilment and customer success. Yes, I can be very focused as a salesperson but at the same time, I’m centred around finding a solution that works best. What I’ve found is most of my interactions tend to be customer-service focused - this role seemed great in the sense that I could use those customer skills and not have to do too much sales work.

Have you always been based in Perth?

I’m originally from Zimbabwe and am Zimbabwean as well as South African. I moved to Australia when I was eighteen for University because my parents believed I should go on and study, following the kind of natural progression of life. At the time Skippy the Bush Kangaroo & Blinky Bill was quite the hype. I was like “Oh, Australia” so I decided on coming here. I was in Brisbane originally - did my undergrad there and then moved to the UK for three years where I also got engaged. I couldn’t deal with the cold so dragged my husband back to Australia where we lived in Sydney and had a baby. My husband travelled a lot as a clinical researcher and really took a liking to Perth, it’s so far away and no one bothers you out here! We packed up and moved to Perth about six years ago and have been here ever since.

Fast-forwarding to now, how’s your experience of MyPass® in your first five weeks been?

I love the team and I love the product - when I first came on board it was one of the driving factors once I learnt what the product was. So far it’s been great watching it grow and watching the team develop the newest version which is really great and I’m excited for it to come out so I can talk to customers about that. I worked from home the last three years before this role. It’s always nice to have someone to lift your head up and talk to – Game of Thrones was the usual topic for a while.

To you, what defines the MyPass® onboarding process?

Since I’ve started, I’ve tried to develop the process to suit the product and the customer base. I’ve worked with Peter Buckley & Matt Smith trying to streamline the process, with help from customers such as Santos to work out a great strategy. The first impression is always long-lasting. When we first approach customers the key decision-makers sign the contract and start the process, but it’s the people deeper in the food chain that helps to actually use it, apply it and work with it. My role is making sure the users of MyPass® are fully informed, onboarded and become advocates for MyPass®. My first contact with them is the most important part of my role - that they feel I’m warm, friendly and approachable when it comes to using the product.

Why are internal champions so important to using MyPass®?

The key to success is having someone that has a strong belief in MyPass®, that is actually in that environment. By creating a champion within the current users at a specific company, they can fight for you, advocating for MyPass® to be used. It also empowers companies to up-skill each other as they can internally field questions people may have which make the process easier.

What do you see as your role in making the process really work?

I can be of value by understanding the customers and what their needs are, then tailoring our solution to meet that need and provide that 'customer success'. With the onboarding process, the people in different companies will have very different needs. One person may be very process-driven and require lots of reports that are up to date with everything going on at both ends. Another person may be more relaxed about the process and not require so much information, just the occasional call to be updated on where everything is at. What I do is provide the assistance that our clients need as well as provide extra knowledge and information. Hopefully, once people are up and running, I’ll be able to lead the training process to bring others on board as well.

Change is never easy, especially for large organisations. Having buy-in from everyone involved is great and being able to act as that source of comfort for clients, always being there making myself approachable, is really key. Then at the same time, there’s an expectation that everyone does their job as well to make it all come together. That’s what creates customer success.

— Farie (Customer Success)